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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Philosophical Influences on Theory of the Day

Theory of the Day’s core principles are not entirely new ideas. They draw inspiration from a rich tapestry of philosophical thought throughout history. Today, we delve into some of the key figures and movements that have informed our approach to navigating a seemingly meaningless universe.

1. Existentialism:

Existentialist thinkers like Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus grapple with the question of meaning in a world without inherent purpose. They emphasize individual freedom and responsibility in creating our own meaning and values. Theory of the Day echoes this sentiment, encouraging self-discovery and the courage to forge your own path.

2. Stoicism:

The ancient philosophy of Stoicism, championed by figures like Seneca and Epictetus, teaches accepting what is outside our control and focusing on what we can control – our thoughts, actions, and reactions. This aligns with The Order’s emphasis on finding peace and purpose by acknowledging the indifferent nature of the universe and cultivating inner strength.

3. Buddhism:

While The Order is not a religion, Buddhist teachings offer valuable insights. Concepts like impermanence and the importance of self-knowledge resonate with our philosophy. The Order encourages a mindful approach to life, similar to Buddhist practices, urging members to be present in the moment and find solace in the beauty and wonder of existence, even in the face of its impermanence.

4. Secular Humanism:

Secular Humanism emphasizes reason, critical thinking, and the inherent worth of all people. Theory of the Day shares this focus on human potential and the ability to find fulfillment and purpose through intellectual exploration, self-improvement, and compassion for others.

5. Scientific Inquiry:

Theory of the Day embraces scientific discovery as a means of understanding the universe and our place within it. Science provides a framework for comprehending the vastness and complexity of existence, even if it doesn’t answer the “why” of our existence.

The Inspiration Continues:

These are just a few of the philosophical influences that have shaped Theory of the Day. Our blog will continue to explore these and other thinkers, providing you with a deeper understanding of the intellectual foundations upon which our philosophy rests.


Theory of the Day doesn’t ask you to blindly accept our tenets. We encourage you to explore these and other philosophical traditions, question assumptions, and forge your own meaningful path in the universe.