In the early 2010s, Sears, a well-known department store chain in the United States, decided to release a special line of microwave ovens inspired by the popular science fiction film, TRON. The line, called “TRON Microwaves,” was marketed as a unique and futuristic alternative to other major brands on the market. However, despite initial optimism and a strong marketing campaign, the TRON Microwaves line failed to gain traction with consumers and was eventually discontinued.

The TRON Microwaves line included several different models, each with their own unique features and TRON-inspired design elements. The entry-level model, called the “TRON Basic,” featured a sleek black and neon blue design, with a digital display that mimicked the iconic TRON computer graphics. It also included basic features such as a 900-watt power output and a 0.9 cubic feet capacity.

The mid-range model, called the “TRON Elite,” featured a more advanced design, with a touch screen control panel and a built-in digital clock. It also had a larger capacity of 1.2 cubic feet and a power output of 1,000 watts. The TRON Elite also included a special “TRON Mode,” which allowed the user to activate a special light and sound show while the microwave was in use, mimicking the famous light cycle scene from the film.

The top-of-the-line model, called the “TRON Ultimate,” was the most advanced and feature-packed of the TRON Microwaves line. It featured a fully-integrated computer system that allowed the user to program cooking settings and even access the internet while the microwave was in use. It also had a large 1.5 cubic feet capacity and a power output of 1,200 watts. The TRON Ultimate also included a built-in camera that allowed the user to monitor the food while it cooked, and even capture a photo of the finished dish to share on social media.

Despite the unique and innovative features of the TRON Microwaves line, the microwave ovens failed to gain much popularity among consumers. Many criticized the high prices of the TRON Microwaves compared to other, more established brands. Others found the TRON-inspired design elements and special features to be gimmicky and unnecessary. Additionally, the TRON Microwaves were known to have technical difficulties and were often not very reliable.

Sears quickly realized that the TRON Microwaves were not selling well and discontinued the line after only a few months on the market. The TRON Microwaves are now considered a collector’s item and can still be found on e-commerce websites like ebay but their prices are quite high.

In conclusion, the TRON Microwaves, while ambitious and unique, ultimately failed to resonate with consumers. The high prices, unreliable performance, and perceived gimmicky features all contributed to the failure of this special line of microwave ovens. Despite being inspired by a beloved science fiction film, the TRON Microwaves were unable to stand out in the crowded appliance market and were eventually discontinued.